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The Yellowhead Jawfish (Opistognathus aurifrons) inhabits sand plains, where they construct rock-lined burrows in the seafloor. From early spring to fall, males incubate clutches of eggs inside their mouths. These rather small, blunt-headed fishes spend nearly all their day plucking zooplankton from the current just above their burrow entrances.


Seminars and Dives/Snorkels Calendar - As part of the GAFC, fish identification seminars and survey dives and snorkels are organized throughout the US and beyond. Seminars are free, and you can check the events section to see if there's a class or survey dive organized near you. To participate in a dive event, sign up with the contact listed.

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Not just for July - but year round! - We strongly encourage divers and snorkelers to conduct REEF fish surveys year round, not just during July. Why? To build up your species list, to increase the number of surveys you have in the REEF database, and to provide data on a more continual basis to the research and management communities. There is nothing different about doing the fish surveys, you use the same materials and methods as during the GAFC.
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