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If you are a dive shop, dive club, non-profit organization, aquarium, university, interested individual - anybody! - you can help contribute to marine conservation in a meaningful way by helping to put on GAFC events. These can include Fish ID classes, Survey Dives, Social Events, and more!

We are happy to work with you on putting on the event that is right for your audience or constituents. Also, we can put you in touch with others in your area that have or may be interested in putting on events. 

  • Survey dives can be held anytime in the month of July. 
  • Fish Identification Seminars (or an Invertebrate ID Seminar in REEF's West Coast regions) can be conducted anytime in June or July and should be based on REEF's teaching modules
  • Be sure to submit your event dates and information online with the GAFC event registration form

Resources to Organize Events REEF Survey Resources Other REEF Materials
How to do a REEF Survey
Online Data Submissions
Quiz and Gallery Page
REEF Database Summary Reports
REEF Scientific Publications
  • REEF brochures (upon request)
  • Additional REEF gear and survey materials through the REEF store


  • Organize a Fish Identification Seminar

Identification seminars are fun and easy to teach using REEF's existing teaching modules.  These curricula enable anyone to teach identification of a region's most common species.  Visit the REEF online store to find out more.  As part of the GAFC tradition, we ask that all seminars held as part of the event are free and open to anyone interested in learning more about fish.

  • Organize a Fish Count Dive

After taking a fishwatching course, divers and snorkelers are encouraged to conduct a fish survey on their next dive or a GAFC Scheduled Dive event.  Surveys can be conducted anywhere within REEF's project area. A primary goal of the GAFC is to get more volunteers into the water conducting fish surveys. You can help by organizing a GAFC dive. Pick a date during the month of July and a location to conduct your dive. Let seminar participants know where you will be diving and how they can sign up for the dive if required.

  • Encourage Participants to Conduct Year-Round Monitoring

The GAFC is only a catalyst to introduce the diving and general public to volunteer fish monitoring. Data are needed year-round, not just during the month of July. Click here to learn more about REEF and the Volunteer Survey Project.

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have any questions or problems not answered in the Frequently Asked Questions section, please contact us at:

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