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The Nassau grouper (Epinephelus striatus) is a large pescivore (eats fish) is found throughout the Caribbean and Florida. Slow growth and longevity have resulted in their vulnerability to overfishing. They are now protected from harvest in Florida.


The Great Annual Fish Count (GAFC) is an event coordinated by the Reef Environmental Education Foundation (REEF) that mobilizes and trains volunteer divers and snorkelers in established methodologies to identify and document fish diversity and population trends in marine ecosystems. This annual event takes place the month of July, and serves to introduce and inspire recreational divers and snorkelers to: participate in REEF's year-round Volunteer Survey Project; raise awareness among both the diving community and public-at-large regarding marine habitats and trends in fish populations; and provide researchers, marine resource managers and policy makers with this useful information that would otherwise be unavailable.

How to Participate - Anyone can get involved by attending a free identification seminar.  Divers and snorkelers can also participate in organized survey dive opportunities. read more...

How to Organize a GAFC Event - The success of the GAFC depends on local volunteers, organizations and dive clubs who are willing to organize identification seminars, survey dives and social events. - read more...

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - You don't have to be a fish expert or have a science background to participate. read more...

History of the GAFC - This annual event got its start in California in 1992. It has now spread to become an international celebration. It was originally called the Great American Fish Count for its first decade but has since grown throughout all of REEF's Project Regions, so is now known as the Great Annual Fish Count.

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