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  • Attend a free seminar & participate in an organized survey dive

Attend one of the many seminars held throughout REEF's Project Regions in conjunction with the GAFC to learn visual fish identification skills and REEF Volunteer Survey Project methodology

These seminars are free of charge and open to all.  After taking a fishwatching course, divers and snorkelers are encouraged to conduct a marine life survey on their next dive or during a GAFC Scheduled Dive event.

Survey materials are available through the REEF Online Store. Surveys can be conducted anywhere within REEF's project area.  Survey data are then submitted through the REEF Online Submission form.

  • Conduct Year-Round Monitoring

The GAFC is only a catalyst to introduce the diving and general public to volunteer fish monitoring. Data are needed year-round, not just during the month of July. Click here to learn more about REEF and its Volunteer Survey Project.

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